About Faith #401-450

About Faith #401-450

#401 To get into your full potential, you must take a step of faith. You must have the Word of God to develop the faith that pleases God. Dr. Bill Winston

#402 Your faith grows as you use it.

#403 Your faith cannot live without hope! Hebrews 11:1

#404 When your hope dies, your faith will soon follow! Hope is the lighthouse for faith!

#405 When it’s time for you to get up from a situation, you will get up!

#406 You can get up from sickness, lack and depression. It all begins with making a decision to become well.

#407 Jesus knows how to manifest anything for you, no matter how unlikely you think it is; including your healing and prosperity. 3 John 2

#408 It’s believing and saying that causes things to come to pass. It’s believing and saying that causes us to increase.

#409 Your faith is not to help you avoid problems, it’s to help you go through them with stability. Joyce Meyer

#410 The believing part is the faith part. Our words must have faith behind them for them to be faith words.

#411 If we speak the right things, yet have doubt and unbelief in our heart that it will actually happen, then it probably won’t happen.

#412 You cannot claim something that you don’t believe in your heart and expect it to come to pass. Your words must match the faith in your heart.

#413 Sometimes we may have faith in our heart, yet thoughts of doubt in our mind. That is normal. The enemy puts thoughts of doubt in our mind.

#414 God is looking at the faith in your heart. If your faith words and your heart is in agreement, then things will begin to come to pass in your life.

#415  God wants you to be the carrier of His Word. Your words are spiritual and have authority. Dr. Bill Winston

#416 Focus on the promises and not the pain.

#417 Quit telling how your flesh is doing and begin telling your flesh how it’s going to do.

#418 Focus your attention and conversation on God to regain proper perspective.

#419 Faith gives substance to your hope.

#420 Faith is being convinced that we have what we have not seen.

#421 Faith is your hand reaching out and taking what God has promised.

#422 Faith is taking what God offered us. Faith is to receive the written promises of God.

#423 Faith is a rest, not a striving. Faith is leaning on Him.

#424 Faith is trusting God and depending on Him. You work with Him, knowing what His will is for you, trusting Him to get the answer to you.

#425 Faith is picturing it done. www.sidroth.org Josiah Cullen (Josiah’s Fire: Autism Stole His Words, God Gave Him a Voice by Tahni Cullen and Cheryl Ricker, Broadstreet Publishing Group, 2016)

#426 Faith is believing for kites to fly when there is no wind in sight. www.sidroth.org Josiah Cullen (Josiah’s Fire: Autism Stole His Words, God Gave Him a Voice by Tahni Cullen and Cheryl Ricker, Broadstreet Publishing Group, 2016)

#427 Faith is past tense, present tense and future tense.

#428 Faith is past tense: Mark 11:23; Heb 11:1; Mark 5:34; Mark 10:52; Luke 17:19; Luke 18:42; Acts 3:16; Rom 4:19-20; Heb 4:2; Jude 3

#429 Faith is present tense: Heb 11:1; Hab 2:4; Matt 9:2, 22, 27-29; 14:31, 15:28, 17:20, 21:21; Mk 2:5, 4:40, 5:34, 11:22; Luke 22:32; Acts 6:5, 14:9; Rom 4:19-20, 10:8, 17; 2 Cor 5:7; Heb 6:12; Jas 5:15

#430 Faith is future tense: Heb 11:1; Hab 2:4; Matt 9:22, 27-29, 17:20, 21:21; Mark 2:5, 11:22; Luke 17:6, 22:32; Rom 4:19-20; 1 Cor 13:2; James 1:6, James 5:15

#431 The Greek word for faith means to be persuaded; credence; moral conviction; assurance; belief; to convince (by argument for true or false).

#432 God favors and honors faith.

#433 You can grow and increase in faith.

#434 Your faith will activate favor.

#435 Great faith releases great favor.

#436 Men and women of God who walked in faith in Hebrews 11 received favor from God and man.

#437 Faith is connected to your mouth – what you say. In Mark 11:23 “believe” is mentioned once, and “say” is mentioned three times.

#438 You can make faith confessions for a hundred years but your faith simply won’t work in an atmosphere of unforgiveness. Kenneth E. Hagin

#439 When you forgive, your faith will produce results and move mountains for you. Kenneth E. Hagin

#440 It’s with the human spirit—or the heart—that we believe. Real faith is of the heart. Kenneth E. Hagin

#441 Believe it in your heart; say it with your mouth. That is the principle of faith. You can have what you say. Kenneth E. Hagin

#442 It’s not that faith is blind, it’s sight of a higher kind. Keith Moore

#443 Impatience reveals a lack of faith. Through faith AND patience you inherit the promises (Hebrews 6:12). Keith Moore

#444 Doubt despairs, complains and is sad. FAITH rejoices, gives thanks and is glad. Keith Moore

#445 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised) Hebrews 10:23

#446 If you refuse God’s correction, you’ll be confused by His direction. Keith Moore

#447 When your heart beats as one with Jesus, you love people and you have faith. Lester Sumrall

#448 Faith is when God and man choose to walk together in life, to think together and, if I may even say, to laugh together. Lester Sumrall

#449 Believe it in your heart; say it with your mouth. That is the principle of faith. You can have what you say. Kenneth E. Hagin

#450 Hope says, “I’ll have it sometime”, faith says, “I have it now.” Kenneth E. Hagin



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