Part 19: Jairus’ Only Daughter – Jeering, She’s Not Dead But Is Sleeping

Mark 5:39-40

In the last post we talked about emotional distress and distractions. When you are very close to receiving your breakthrough, you might be surrounded with those who cause emotional turmoil, as well as the gossipers.  Confusion and chaos may be all around you.  But continue to hold on to your hope.

Some people may have given up hope on you, and think that you will never rise again.  But it’s not what others say or think that matters, but what you say and believe that matters the most.

Your situation is not hopeless.  You shall rise again.  You shall rise up from your sickness, from that depression, from mourning, from that loss, from financial setbacks, from past mistakes.

In Mark 5:39-40, it says in the Amplified Version:

39 And when He had gone in, He said to them, Why do you make an uproar and weep? The little girl is not dead but is sleeping.

40 And they laughed and jeered at Him. But He put them all out, and, taking the child’s father and mother and those who were with Him, He went in where the little girl was lying.

The Message Bible says it like this:

39 Jesus was abrupt: “Why all this busybody grief and gossip? This child isn’t dead; she’s sleeping.”

40 Provoked to sarcasm, they told him he didn’t know what he was talking about. But when he had sent them all out, he took the child’s father and mother, along with his companions, and entered the child’s room.

The Thesaurus gives related words that have a similar meaning as to the word “jeer”:




Laughed At








Derogatory Remarks

Expressed Disapproval

The Bible Knowledge Commentary says the following about this passage:

“When the party arrived at Jairus’ home, the flute players and the noisy crowd of mourners had already assembled to weep for the family.  They believed the child was dead, for when Jesus said the girl was merely asleep they laughed.

Jesus was not denying she was actually dead.  He was simply comparing her dead condition to sleep.  Like sleep, her death was temporary and she would rise from it.”

There are many who suffer with an illness of any kind, including depression and anxiety, but it’s temporary and not a lifetime sentence.  You shall rise up from your bed of affliction and be healed and whole.  You shall live, and not die, and declare the Word of the Lord.

Some who have gone through a divorce shall rise again.  Some who have gone through the loss of a loved one, or a financial loss—you shall rise again.

Remember … Jesus said in Mark 5:39, “She’s not dead, but is sleeping.” You shall rise again. Jesus has the power to bring resurrection life to your body, to your situation, to some relationships in your life where you are holding on by a thread.

Jesus arrived at the house to do something that would be a wonderful miracle.  The best gift in the world would be for a parent to receive their beloved daughter raised to life.  The father (Jairus) and the mother believed Jesus would raise their daughter from the dead.  Yet their so-called friends did not believe.  Instead, they mocked and laughed at Jesus when He compared the little girl’s death to temporary sleep.

Part of the problem is that they misunderstood what He meant.  Another part of the problem is that they never believed there was any hope in the situation to begin with.  They were supposed to be the friends of Jairus and his wife.  But in that instance, they demonstrated that they were not really their friends at all.  If these friends truly had Jairus and his wife’s best interest at heart, they would have stood in faith with them for the raising of their precious daughter.

When Jesus told the crowd to calm down from all the commotion, because the girl was not dead but just sleeping, the wise thing (even if they didn’t understand Jesus) would have been to remain quiet and just ponder what He said … and then observe what Jesus was going to do.  Instead, the Bible says they began to jeer Jesus and say sarcastic remarks.  Their professional weeping turned into ridicule.

They showed the Lord no reverence or respect.  And their jeering also gave a message to Jairus and his wife that said “we don’t respect you either”.  The crowd was totally insensitive to the feelings of the little girl’s parents.

The Bible Exposition Commentary says in regards to Mark 5:40:

“Unbelief laughs at God’s Word, but faith lays hold of it and experiences the power of God.  Jesus did not make a spectacle of this miracle. He was sensitive to the feelings of the parents and grieved by the scornful attitude of the mourners.”

Jesus kicked all of them out of the house.  They would have no part in being an eyewitness in seeing this miracle take place.  Jesus was only going to allow those people who had faith to remain in the house.

After the girl was raised to life and brought outside, then the crowd of mourners who jeered Jesus would see for themselves the power of God at work.  Perhaps some of them would be transformed by that experience and put their trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When we are almost at the point of breakthrough, there may be those who begin to jeer us, mock us and say derogatory remarks.  When you are that close to receiving your miracle, you have to have zero tolerance for negativity and doubt.

When people laugh and mock at your belief in receiving the promises of God, your miracle or your healing, you have to shut the door on them.  You cannot tolerate it.  You can’t let others throw cold water on your faith.

When people mock you for your belief, it isn’t just you they are scorning.  Whether done knowingly or not realizing it, they are showing disrespect for the Lord too.  After all, He is the One who is doing the miracle.  The only part you have to play is to just have faith and believe, as well as to position yourself to receive.  It’s God who brings about the healing, the breakthrough, and brings the promise to pass.

Part 18: Jairus’ Only Daughter – Emotional Distress and Distractions

Mark 5:35-40

In the last post we talked about transition.  When you are transitioning into your promised land, and very close to receiving your miracle, you have to separate yourself from the multitude, from the naysayers, from those who are not in faith and agreement for what you are believing God for.

You can only take with you on your journey into your promised land those who are in agreement with you for your healing, promise or miracle, and those who have faith to see your miracle come to pass.

When you are that close to receiving your breakthrough, you have to have zero tolerance for any negative talk, or doubt and unbelief concerning receiving your answer to prayer.

Jesus told His disciples, and everyone else, to stay put where they were until He returned.  He only allowed Peter, James and John to accompany Him and Jairus to the house to raise Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

Mark 5:38-39 (Message Bible)

38 They entered the leader’s house and pushed their way through the gossips looking for a story and neighbors bringing in casseroles.

39 Jesus was abrupt: “Why all this busybody grief and gossip? This child isn’t dead; she’s sleeping.”

The Amplified Version words Verses 38-39 like this:

38 When they arrived at the house of the ruler of the synagogue, He looked [carefully and with understanding] at [the] tumult and the people weeping and wailing loudly.

39 And when He had gone in, He said to them, Why do you make an uproar and weep? The little girl is not dead but is sleeping.

The Living Bible words it like this:

38 When they arrived, Jesus saw that all was in great confusion, with unrestrained weeping and wailing.

39 He went inside and spoke to the people. “Why all this weeping and commotion?” he asked. “The child isn’t dead; she is only asleep!”

In Mark 5:38, they arrived at the house.  It was a scene of tumult, confusion, commotion, weeping, professional mourners who wailed loudly, plus the gossips (neighbors and friends of the family who were looking for a story to tell).

When you are very close to receiving your promises, there will be those people you encounter who cause much emotional distress and chaos.  You might be going through a situation where you are being verbally and emotionally abused.  If so, the Lord sees your pain and hears your cries.  He will show you what to do.

You may be dealing with selfish manipulative people (who are abusive one moment, and the next minute are weeping as if you hurt them).

Then there are the gossipers you have to deal with who like to discuss everybody else’s business and stir up rumors, and cause confusion.

The devil uses these negative things as distractions to keep us from fulfilling our destiny in God and coming into our full inheritance in Christ.  The enemy wants us to become discouraged, depressed and to give up.

You have to “push through” that crowd and not let them tear down your faith.  You may be experiencing opposition or might feel like you are swimming upstream against the current.  But in the process, you are becoming stronger.

You cannot listen to their unbelief and sarcasm (which can produce fear in you).

Fear tolerated is faith contaminated.

The Message Bible says in Verse 38 that when they (Jesus, Jairus, Peter, James and John) arrived at the house, that the neighbors were already bringing in the casseroles.  As far as everyone else was concerned, the situation was hopeless.  The girl was dead.  Nobody (except for the girl’s parents, Jesus, Peter, James and John) believed that she would rise again.

In the figurative sense, does it seem like in your life that a lot of people have given up on you, feel that your situation is hopeless, do not believe that you will receive your miracle, if you are down they don’t believe you will ever rise again … and it’s as if they are already bringing over the casseroles?

(In the USA the custom is for people to bring over food—especially casseroles—when there is a death in the family.)

Are these same people who have given up on you ones who cause much emotional distress and try to distract you from receiving the promises of God?

Do you feel surrounded by the naysayers and the gossips (even at church)?  Is there confusion and tumult all around you?

In Mark 5:39 the Message Bible says, Jesus was abrupt: “Why all this busybody grief and gossip? This child isn’t dead; she’s sleeping.”

In the Amplified Version, it says in Verse 39:  And when He had gone in, He said to them, Why do you make an uproar and weep? The little girl is not dead but is sleeping.

Does it feel like others are causing an uproar in your life?

Even in the midst of turmoil, just remember that you are very close to receiving your miracle.  The heat seems to get turned up seven times hotter right before your breakthrough comes.

You may be surrounded by chaos and confusion.  Don’t let others get you stressed out.  Don’t let others steal your hope.

You may be tempted to let go of your hope and faith.  Hold on to your hope.  Hope and faith are two different things, but you have to have hope in order for your faith to be alive and active.

Hope is always focused on the future … “someday this will happen in my life.”  Faith is “right now” … “I believe I have my promise right now.”

Faith believes you already have your miracle even before it’s in your hands.  Faith is like placing the order and completing the transaction, and you know that what you ordered “is yours!”  It may take some time for it to arrive, but it’s already yours as far as you are concerned.

Others may have already given up on you, deeming your situation as hopeless.  Other people may think that you will always be down and never rise again.  They think you will never arise from your sickness, depression, financial setbacks, past grief or whatever has gotten you down.  But that’s what “they” say.

What really matters the most is what “YOU” say.  Are you going to be in agreement with those who are negative and full of unbelief, especially as it concerns your life?  Or are you going to believe what God says?

You have to take charge of your own soul.  You have to learn to be the prophet over your own life, speaking those things into existence that which you want to see happen.  It’s not what others say or think, but what YOU say and believe that matters the most.

Part 17: Jairus’ Only Daughter – Transition

Mark 5:35-37

We are talking about Jairus.  We are at the part in the story where Jesus has finished ministering to the woman who was made whole of the issue of blood.  By that time Jairus’ servants had showed up with the heart breaking news that Jairus’ daughter was now dead, and to not bother the Teacher any further.

Jesus heard what the servants said, but ignored them.  Jesus said to Jairus, “Be not afraid, but only believe.”  Jesus was giving Jairus hope in a hopeless situation.  Jesus was planning on raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead to show Jairus, and us today, that there is no circumstance that is impossible for God to turn around.

Jesus would not permit any of His disciples, or anyone else, to accompany Him and Jairus to the house, with the exception of His inner circle—Peter, James and John.

When you get to the point of transitioning into your promised land, you have to separate yourself from the multitude.

You have to separate yourself from the naysayers and those who do not have faith to believe with you for your miracle.  You have to separate yourself from those who think that “it will never happen for you”, or laugh at you, or try to talk you out of receiving your miracle.

Jesus told His disciples—except for Peter, James and John—to stay put where they were until the four of them returned from the house.  In the same way, we have to tell our friends and even family, who are filled with doubt and unbelief, that we will see them later when we get our miracle.  But they can’t cross over the Jordan River with us into our promises.  If you take them with you, their doubt and unbelief would drag you down.

Look at Joshua and Caleb.  Their report was positive.  They said that the children of Israel were more than able to take on the giants in Canaan and to go up immediately to possess the land.  But the ten other spies gave a negative, fearful  report.  Therefore, there was a forty year delay in Israel crossing over the Jordan and entering their promised land.

This is not at all saying to walk away from your spouse or family if they don’t believe like you do.  This is all figurative language, saying that in the spirit realm, they can’t go with you on this journey if they are not in agreement with what you are believing for.

(There are some friends and even church folk that you do have to literally separate yourself from for a while if they are not in agreement with what you are believing for.)

When you are very close to receiving your miracle, you have to be around likeminded individuals full of faith, and in 100% agreement.  You cannot tolerate any doubt and unbelief, or negative words.

Jesus said that if just two on earth agree as touching anything, that it shall be done for them of our Father in Heaven.  For where two or three are gathered together in His Name (in unity), He is there in the midst of them.  Matthew 18:19-20.

There were other instances in the New Testament where Jesus could only take with Him Peter, James and John.  Those three were His closest associates.  They were always in agreement with whatever Jesus wanted to do.  They were teachable.  They were leaders in training.

Jesus took those three with Him to the Mount when He was transfigured (human form, yet spirit form), and Jesus talked with Moses and Elijah. His garments shone with bright light. Then a Voice from Heaven (Father God’s Voice) said: “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased” (2 Peter 1:16-18, Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-8, Luke 9:28-36).  They were surrounded by the Shekinah Cloud.

Jesus’ inner circle—Peter, James and John—represent for us today the importance of having a few close friends who stand in agreement with us in prayer.  Peter, James and John experienced spiritual intimacy with Jesus Christ.  Being Jesus’ friend.  Being open and teachable for Jesus to pour out to His wisdom and revelation.  An attitude that says to God, “Have Your own way in my life … You are the Potter and I am the clay … mold me and make me after Your will, while I am waiting yielded and still.”

How many can truly say:  “Lord, have Your way in my life … You are the Potter and I am the clay … I allow You to mold and make me after Your will, while I am patiently waiting yielded and still.”  At first, it may feel like a “death to self” saying that prayer, or singing that song.

But there is a realm in God where it brings joy and delight to say that to God, or to sing that song of consecration.  A place in God where you truly mean it with all of your heart.  Where you want Jesus more than anything, and it’s no longer about your agenda but God’s agenda.

There’s even a realm in God where you even welcome His discipline in your life.  Because if you are disciplined, that means that you are a loved son or daughter.  And if you yield to His discipline, you can avoid the judgment of God. Although getting a whippin’ or a stern warning is not pleasant for the moment, it produces a harvest of righteousness in the long run.

When you are about ready to receive your promise or miracle, surround yourself with positive, faith-filled people who are in agreement with what you are believing God for.  Cross over your Jordan and enter your promises with those likeminded people cheering you on.

We become like the people we associate with the most. So therefore, when you are transitioning over into your promised land, it’s important to keep the right company.

Part 8: Jairus’ Daughter & Woman w/Issue of Blood – Fear Not (B)

Jairus sought Jesus out to come to his home, lay His hands on his daughter, and she would be healed and live. This was Jairus’ statement of faith.

However, in the process of traveling to Jairus’ home, there was an unexpected delay when a woman with an issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was made whole. Jesus’ full attention turned to this woman, and He was patient as she told her entire story.

Meanwhile, Jairus’ servants showed up and told him the sad news that his daughter had died and to not trouble the Master any longer. Jesus’ response to Jairus was: “Fear not, but only believe.”

Fear is the opposite of the force of faith.  Fear tempts you to give up and back down, while faith always agrees with what God has said in His Word regardless of whether or not the promise has manifested.  Faith calls those things that are not, as though they already were.

You only need faith for what you currently do not see.  Once the manifestation comes, faith is no longer necessary in order to obtain it.  Once your answer comes, you need to remain in faith in order to maintain your healing or breakthrough.

When you are standing in faith for something, but then you are hit by storms and are tempted to back down, Jesus says to you:  “Fear not, but only believe (or keep on believing).”  God says to stick to your original confession of faith that you had in the very beginning when you first believed God for your breakthrough.

Maybe the Lord spoke to you prophetically and that word is backed by Scriptures because all prophecy must be in agreement with the Word, or the principles of the Word.  Revelation 19:10, in the Living Bible translation, says that the purpose of prophecy is to tell, or testify, about Jesus.  Maybe years have gone by and that prophetic word has been delayed from being fulfilled for one reason or another.  Sometimes we don’t know why there have been delays.

When deferred hope sets in, the heart becomes sick.  Then you are easy prey for the enemy to come in and severely attack you, because your defenses are down.  God wants to repair any breaches in the wall where the enemy has snuck in because Jesus is a mender and a protector.  And He loves you so very much.  He longs, even more than you do, for you to receive every promise He’s spoken and for every desire of your heart to come true.

Even if a long period of time has elapsed between the original giving of the promise, and the fulfillment, continue to stick with what God first told you in the very beginning.  Don’t allow the enemy to tempt you to start doubting God or speaking contrary to what the Holy Spirit originally said to you.  I fell into that trap of doubting God, off and on, for many years.  In my situation, I think that’s one reason my breakthrough was held up.

Also, unforgiveness, bitterness and harboring resentment was another factor in delaying my prayers from being answered.  My own heart attitudes were tying the hands of God from bringing to pass what He wanted to do in my life.  The Word says that faith works by love.  That’s a whole other teaching which I will talk about later.  When there are issues in our love walk, such as holding offenses and a root of bitterness, it really has a profound effect on our faith.  Faith won’t work right without love.

The devil wants to take things away from you.  But God is trying to get things TO you.  Jesus loves you so very much!  He has so many good gifts for you with your name written on it!

Fear not, but keep on believing is what Jesus is saying to you.

God said to Abram (before his named was changed to Abraham) in a vision:

“Fear not, Abram, I am your Shield, your abundant compensation, and your reward shall be exceedingly great.”  Genesis 15:1 AMP

God said to Moses, in Exodus 14:13-16, when confronted with the Red Sea in front, Pharoah’s army behind, and hemmed in by the mountains to the left and right:


  • Fear Not
  • Stand still (firm, confident, undismayed)
  • See the salvation of the Lord which He shall work for you today
  • The Egyptians you see today you shall never see again
  • The Lord will fight for you
  • You shall hold your peace and remain at rest
  • Why do you cry to Me, says the Lord?
  • The Living Bible says “Quit praying and get moving”\
  • Go forward!
  • You lift up your rod (symbol of authority)
  • Stretch out your hand over the sea (obstacle) and divide it (xref Matthew 21:21-22)
  • You shall cross over on dry ground (xref Isaiah 40:4, Luke 3:5)


Luke 3:5 (AMP)

Every valley and ravine shall be filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be leveled; and the crooked places shall be made straight, and the rough roads shall be made smooth.

Matthew 21:21-22 (New Living Translation) says:

21 Then Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen.

22 You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.”

I grew up in a very legalistic church that had the mindset that the word “anything” in Verse 22 didn’t really mean “anything”, but only some things (especially spiritual things).  But that’s not what Jesus said.  He said that if you pray for anything (and “anything” means anything), then it’s yours (if you have faith).

What is faith?

  1. Faith involves believing that you have ALREADY received what you prayed for.  In other words, you already placed the order and the transaction is completed.  Now, you’re just waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep.
  1. Faith also involves saying.  If you believe you’ve received your healing, then say words that are in agreement with that and also quote Scriptures (outloud) that pertain to healing.  The opposite would be to speak things contrary, such as saying that you’ll always be sick or that God let you down.
  1. Faith involves taking appropriate steps of action, by pursuing or preparing for what you are believing for, depending on what your situation is.  You have to be Spirit-led on that one.  God said He would impart wisdom to us liberally when we need it (James 1:5-8; James 3:13-18).
  1. Faith involves testifying what God did for you when you receive your breakthrough.  Your testimony encourages others to also believe for their miracle.  Also, your testimony causes you to keep your healing.  Sometimes people lose their healing when the devil comes in and whispers, “you’re not really healed … it’s just your imagination”.  Then doubt comes in, and not long thereafter, the sickness returns.  You have to be on the offensive when it comes to the devil because he’s a robber.

Psalms 107:15 KJV

Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!

This same exact verse is repeated twice in Psalms 107:21 and 31.

Since this is repeated three times in Psalm 107, God is getting His point across to us.  He wants to show us His goodness and to display His wonderful works in our lives.

Lord, may we receive everything You have for us!

Part 7: Jairus’ Daughter & Woman w/Issue of Blood – Fear Not (A)

We’ve been talking about the account in Mark 5:21-43 about Jairus’ daughter being sick and at the point of death, and also about the woman with the issue of blood touching the hem of Jesus’ garment and instantly being made whole.

Jairus was originally focused on Restoration.

Jesus was focused on Resurrection.

In our last teaching, we talked about how Jesus equalizes everything.

Here is a prophetic insight the Lord gave to my pastor, Bishop Christopher C. Smith:

“The woman with the hemorrhaging of blood, being unclean according to the law, defiled Jesus (making Him unclean) when she took hold of the hem of His garment and received her healing.  However, she now qualified Jesus to touch the dead, because a priest was not allowed (according to the law) to touch a dead person or animal.  Jesus is our Great High Priest.  Therefore, there was a divine purpose in the delay of reaching Jairus’ house.”

Jairus was delayed in receiving his miracle for his daughter because a woman in the crowd, who was full of faith, slipped in and received her healing.  Then Jesus took time out to listen to her story and to minister to her.  Meanwhile, Jairus’ servants showed up and told him to not trouble the Master any longer, because by this time his daughter had already passed on.

Jesus’ immediate response to Jairus was:  “Fear not, but only believe.”

Jesus told Jairus to hold on to what he originally proclaimed in faith.  What was Jairus’ original declaration?

Jairus said:  “When Jesus comes to my home, and lays His hands on my daughter, she shall be healed and live.”  And then Jesus agreed to go with Jairus to his home and heal his daughter.

When you have faith for something specific that you desire to receive from God, and then storms hit and fear tries to come in and things look hopeless, don’t back down.  And don’t back up.  Stick with what you originally declared in faith.

For example, what if you have been believing God for healing in your body, and even many times have spoken in faith and said something similar to: “Jesus, thank You for healing me … according to Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:24, by Your stripes I was already healed (when You took my sickness upon Yourself on the Cross) and am healed.  Lord, I receive that manifestation of healing in my body.  Thank You that the disease and pain has left my body, in Jesus’ Name.”

Even if the symptoms are still there, go ahead and thank God that the symptoms already left.  This is not being in denial, but rather putting into practice “calling those things that are not as though they already were” (Romans 4:17).  Often times the symptoms or pain will go away when you say: “it’s left my body” (referring to the pain or disease).  Jesus said that the winds would obey you, because our words have power to shift things in the Spirit realm.

A person is in denial when they know they are ill, but refuse to get medical help, and have the insurance and financial means to get help.  That is not faith, but foolishness.  God heals in many ways, including through physicians.  God has given doctors wisdom in how the body works.

Often, medical help alone isn’t enough to conquer a disease or rid the body of pain, and Jesus wants to step in and divinely heal you.

God wants us to live in balance when it comes to healing (He heals divinely, He heals through medical science, He heals through nutrition).  All He is asking is that we acknowledge Him as the SOURCE of all healing, and place Him on the Throne above all humans and say from our heart that He is the Physician of physicians, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

Rev. Jeanniene Lee Maki, from Change the Image Ministries, used to say quite frequently that you have to learn to be the prophet over your own life.  You be the one to prophesy healing and health into your own body and command the disease to be healed at the root.  You take authority.  Especially if you are the head of your home, take authority in the Spirit concerning your family and give the command that they be healed, set free, or whatever the case may be.  Even the demonic realm respects authority structure.

Getting back to what I said about sticking with what God originally promised you, let’s say that God speaks a promise to you and at first you are overjoyed.  But then, let’s say that you are still suffering with that pain and sickness, or things get worse.  Those are moments when the enemy tries to come in and convince you that it’s not going to happen for you … that the principles of faith doesn’t work.  Fear tries to creep in. And it can lead to hopelessness and despair.

When God gives you a promise, the devil always tries to come and abort it, and if that doesn’t work, attacks so severely to try to get us to let go of it.  The reason is, because he’s a thief.  John 10:10a says that the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy.  The devil wants to see you sick, in pain, in distress, having family and marital problems, strife with others, financially strapped.  He tries to wreak havoc in our lives and also comes up against ministries.

The positive part of John 10:10b is that Jesus has come to give us life, and life more abundantly, till it overflows.  This is the heart and will of God—to give us all things pertaining to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught us to say:  “May Your will be done on earth, even as it is in Heaven” (Matt 6:10).  What is Heaven like?  We know there is no sickness, no misery, no pain, no poverty, no strife, etc in that place.

Jesus taught us about binding and loosing.  This not only applies to situations dealing with demonic spirits, but also about things in our everyday lives.  The Amplified Version words it very well.

Matthew 18:18-19 (AMP) tells us:

18 Truly I tell you, whatever you forbid and declare to be improper and unlawful on earth must be what is already forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit and declare proper and lawful on earth must be what is already permitted in heaven.

19 Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree (harmonize together, make a symphony together) about whatever [anything and everything] they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven.

Since disease, misery, poverty, pain, demonic harassment, etc is not permitted in Heaven, you don’t have to permit it in your life or your family.  You have authority in the Spirit to put a stop to it and to pronounce that the way Heaven operates is the way it’s going to be in your life and home.

There is synergestic power when two or more are in agreement in prayer over the same issue.

Part 6: Jairus’ Daughter & Woman w/Issue of Blood – Equality

Notes from Sermon Preached at New Birth Church in Pittsburg, California from Guest Speaker Dr. Samuel Chand

December 5, 2010


Jairus’ Daughter and the Woman with the Issue of Blood

Mark 5:21-43

Jairus pleaded with Jesus to heal his young daughter who was at the point of death.  Jairus said, “Come and lay Your hands on her, and she shall be healed and live.” Jesus agreed to go with Jairus to his home.

While on route to Jairus’ home, Jesus stopped and took time out to minister to a woman in the crowd who had an issue of blood for 12 years.

Jairus’ little girl had a loving and doting father, but the woman with the issue of blood was fatherless.

Jesus said, “I have to heal MY daughter first. Then I’ll heal your daughter.”

Jesus called the woman with the issue of blood “HIS DAUGHTER”.

After Jesus ministered to His own daughter, then He went with Jairus to his home and raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

Jesus equalizes everything.

In this world, so often those who have wealth and prestige are shown special favor, honor, attention and preferential treatment, even in the Body of Christ and in churches. They are the primary ones who have a voice.  Jesus demonstrated that He views all of His children—the poor, rich, advantaged and disadvantaged—with equality.

Jesus Equalizes Everything

Jairus’ Daughter Woman With Issue of Blood
Died on the same day that the woman with the issue of blood was healed. Healed on the same day that the young girl died.
Was 12 years old and was sick. Was sick for 12 long years.
Was wrapped in the Tallit (prayer shawl) signifying that she was wrapped in the Covenant and all the promises for healing were legally hers, and she was covered in prayer and intercession. Took hold of the border of the Tallit (prayer shawl) that Jesus was wearing, signifying that she was taking hold of the promises of God that belonged to her in the Covenant, especially Malachi 4:2 which says that there is healing in His wings (the wings being the corners and border of the prayer shawl).
She was too young to have faith for herself to be healed.  She was healed on the faith of others. This woman was healed according to her own faith.
Twelve years of being coddled. Twelve years of receiving no human touch (according to the law she was unclean and if anyone touched her they would become unclean).
Came from a rich family. She spent all the money she had on physicians and was left in poverty.
She was provided for by her father. She had no father or husband to provide for her.  She was left desolate.
Jairus, being wealthy, had connections. She had no connections.
Jairus was able to provide his daughter with the very best of physicians but his daughter remained sick and died. She spent all the money she had on physicians, but was no better off, but rather grew worse.
She had a doting father. She was fatherless.
She was loved and celebrated. She was unloved and was an outcast.
She was surrounded by a large family, servants and friends. She lived in isolation and her life was one of loneliness.  She had no social network.
She was clothed in rich garments. She was clothed in rags.
She was shown honor. She lived in shame and disgrace.
When Jairus came to Jesus he risked his reputation as ruler of the synagogue. When she came to Jesus she risked her life.  She could have been stoned to death.
Jairus’ daughter needed healing. Jesus’ daughter needed healing (Mark 5:34).
Jairus’ daughter died. Jesus’ daughter had already died a thousand deaths in those 12 long years of living with this disease which brought her reproach and stole everything precious away from her.
Jesus gently laid His hands on the girl and healing virtue was imparted to her body. Jesus gently laid His hands on her head and healing virtue was imparted to all the wounded, rejected and broken places of her heart.
Jesus raised her from the dead. Jesus raised her soul, and all her hopes and dreams, from the dead.
Jesus gave the girl her life back. Jesus gave her a second lease on life.
The girl was now free to run and play with the other children, and to flourish. The woman was now free in her soul to soar to new heights and to pursue her dreams and prosper.
The girl’s future was restored to her. The woman’s hope and future was restored to her.

What To Do While Waiting On Your Miracle

  1. Don’t be afraid.  Faith and fear cannot co-exist.


  1. Only believe.  The emphasis is on the word “only”.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people.


  1. Remove yourself from the negative people in your life.


  1. Speak life to your situation.


  1. Feed your miracles.  Take it and make it larger.




Part 3: Jairus’ Only Daughter – Humility and Trust

When Jairus found Jesus, the Bible says that he prostrated himself on the ground before Jesus, and pleaded with Jesus to come to his house, for his daughter was at the point of death.

For a man of high-ranking status and prestige, his reputation was on the line, and the position he held could have been jeopardized. Jairus was the ruler of the synagogue, and there were many Jews who were opposed to Jesus.

However, Jairus was not concerned with the thinking of his peers, but he was only concerned about getting his daughter well.

He had determined in his heart that if his peers rejected him, that it would be worth it if his daughter was healed and lived.  His daughter came first above that of his peers.  She was his first concern.  She was the apple of her daddy’s eye and his love for her far outweighed anything else in this life.

Jairus was a responsible father.  He was wealthy, and he sought out help from every avenue he could find to get medical help for his daughter.  But even the most advanced of medical science could not cure her.

The Bible does not mention what disease or sickness the little girl had, but apparently it was not responsive to the medical treatment that was available back then.  And now her condition was terminal and she was given a few days to live.  Jairus had done all he could do in the natural to help his daughter get well.  The only thing that could help her now would be a divine miracle from the Healer Himself.

Jairus was not ashamed to be associated with Jesus and His disciples, and laid himself on the ground in homage to Jesus as an act of saying “You are Lord, and I am not.  No man can help me.  Only You can help me!”

Jairus acknowledged that Jesus was Lord (“Lord”, not only meaning Master, but also meaning Yahweh) and that He had power and authority to heal the sick, cast out devils and raise the dead. Jairus humbled himself publicly, in the daytime, in full sight of the crowds to receive his miracle.

Jairus cried, “Come and lay Your hands on her, so that she may be healed and live!”

Jesus was moved by his faith and felt compassion for Jairus’ daughter and agreed to go with him to his house.

Jesus feels compassion for you too—whatever illness, heartache, suffering or circumstance you are going through. He wants to come to your house to visit you and your family, to heal you and your family and to raise your hopes from the dead.